#61. Why Is Personal Development Even Important?
FGC Philosophy · 23 minutes ·

#61. Why Is Personal Development Even Important?

#61. Why is personal development even important?

Personal Development has been a huge component of my life. It helped pull me from the depths of depression and thoughts of self-harm. With all of the new challenges in my life, I thought it necessary to go back and review some basics. As I do I want to share that will you, this is one of those episodes.


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Why am I talking about personal development?

  • Personal development (or personal growth) is important for many reasons. 
    • I’ll be talking about a few that I feel are the most important.

My Top Reasons Why Personal Development Is Important.

  1. You allow yourself to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.
    1. Not afraid to take more risk for the sake of learning
    2. Less distracted by self-conscious thoughts.
      1. You may still have self-conscious thoughts but you don’t allow yourself to be distracted by them.
      2. Your fear doesn’t dictate what you do.
  2. You are more disciplined
    1. Discipline in whatever you choose
      1. Health
      2. Competing
      3. Family
      4. Etc
    2. Better discipline over your mind
      1. You are in control of your thoughts
      2. You are in control of your emotions
    3. You are in control of your actions.

Thank you for the continued support!

See you next episode.


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