#62. Understanding Mental Vigilance with Cayke Monster
FGC Philosophy · 57 minutes ·

#62. Understanding Mental Vigilance with Cayke Monster

FGCP 62. Outline: Vigilance, what it is, and why it’s important

I’ve been thinking about this concept of mental vigilance lately. What is it, why does it matter, and how do I do it? My guest and I discuss this at length in this episode of FGC Philosophy. My guest is one of the founding members of Proven Esports. A group of gamers who are starting to make waves in the online esports scene. He's also an educator and an avidTekken7 player, so just the perfect person to talk about this next topic.


Vigilance is a topic that is both obvious and vague at the same time. As I've been trying to become more focused and efficient with my time, I realize that I needed to be more aware of what I'm doing and thinking. This leads me to the topic. In this episode, I explain what vigilance is (in regards to fighting games), why it's important, and how to be better at it.


Thank you all for the continued support.


     - The Philocypher

Show Notes


Vigilance Definition



  • noun
  • The action or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.
    • "security duties that demand long hours of vigilance"

Why is Vigilance important?

  • When you’re aware of what’s going on you can make better choices and get better results.
  • When you are consistently vigilant you keep track of more allowing you to not fall for things you already know not to fall for (as often). 
  • Keeping track of information and taking in new info allows you to learn and adjust faster to what’s being thrown your way.


What are you being vigilant for?

  • Useful Information
    • Exploitable Patterns
    • Player Tendencies
    • Advantage/disadvantage on block/hit
    • etc.


How vigilant are you being?



How consistent is your vigilance?

  • How often is your mind wandering from what's important?
    • are you getting emotional?
    • Are you getting distracted?
    • Are you reminding yourself of what's important?

How do I become more Vigilant?

  • Practice, practice, practice at 100%
    • Every time you realize your mind wanders bring it back to what you need to be focused on.
    • It's frustrating but eventually, you'll be able to stay vigilant.
  • Accountability
    • Hold yourself accountable when you notice you aren't being as vigilant as you can be.
    • Don’t be berate yourself, but call out when you notice something you missed.
    • Review matches to memorize what to look for
  • Research
    • Find out what information is important to be vigilant for.
  • Active visualization


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