Bank Of An Extraordinary Life Podcast

The Bank of an Extraordinary Life is hosted by Kathy Rezaei-Darugar and co-host Farah. The focus of the podcast is to shed light on the many aspects of our lives that impact our overall well-being. Creating an extraordinary life starts by looking at the different dimensions that shape our beliefs and how we view the world. The Bank of an Extraordinary Life is compromised of accounts that require deposits to allow them to function properly. Through daily deposits in the sub-accounts, energy is generated to keep the bank strong. Listeners will learn techniques and strategies to develop the skills necessary to create an extraordinary life. Kathy has a master's degree in psychology from CSUSB in counseling. Kathy was a special education counselor for over a decade helping at-risk youth to develop the insights necessary to overcome the obstacles that impeded them from succeeding in the educational realm and in life. Currently she is a consultant, philanthropist and financial professional. Farah is eclectic and has had unconventional training in gemology, holistic health, and business. The world has changed and with these times of uncertainty, Bank of an Extraordinary Life Podcast's goal is to educate on how to transform from just living to extraordinary living, really relishing and enjoying our time here on this planet. Please visit and book a free Zoom consultation to maximize your future. All content is for educational purposes. All rights reserved.
Bank Of An Extraordinary Life Podcast

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