Beings of The Light ~ Live Ascension Teachings

Recordings of past group channelling sessions with the Beings of The Light through Kimberley, applying the Ascension Teachings to participants‘ questions, consisting of higher perspectives of Universal Laws that govern and create your reality. These highly advanced Ascension Teachings consist of Universal Laws such as Law of Attraction, Law of Oneness, and esoteric knowledge, to assist you in the remembering of who you truly are by raising your energy vibration. The remembering is an enlightenment process, where you work through and let go of your limiting beliefs and irrational fears, while increasing self love and self worth. You then start seeing yourself and the world around you through the truth of who you truly are. That truth is that you are a powerful eternal being of pure love, who is one with All That Is. These teachings allow you to live an empowered life, living in alignment with your Divine self and Divine reality. Ultimately, the Ascension Teachings allow you to live more in freedom, with both knowledge and practical tools to transcend perceived limitations and fear, to live a life full of love, joy, and courageously exploring your life purpose.

As of 2023, we have ended the public release of the recorded sessions. You can still participate or access the recordings through ticketed online events and Patreon membership. For more info please see
Beings of The Light ~ Live Ascension Teachings

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