Breaking Beliefs

Give a gift to yourself each week during this podcast to go on a self journey and explore the internal beliefs that drive your patterns and habits that can show up in ways that prevent you from what you want most in your life, whether at work or at home. During this podcast, Amy Vetter, a CPA, Yogi & Technologist, and the author of Business, Balance and Bliss, will explore how we can break from these beliefs with her guests that are leaders in business, health & wellness, mindfulness, spirituality practices, and more. As you listen to their stories, you will uncover your own truths about your beliefs, or what someone else told you to believe, that is holding you back today or into the future. Be inspired by the personal stories and journeys that are shared to make a positive change in your own life, because if you BELIEVE you can BREAK from these unwanted habits or patterns, YOU WILL!

Breaking Beliefs

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