College Is Fine, Everything's Fine

College can be...really social, and pretty lonely. A time of amazing freedom, and a total pressure cooker. The best years of your life, except when it's not. We're Dr. Sarah Olivo and Dr. Liz Seidler, two clinical psychologists who've helped students navigate the highs and lows of college for over a decade. In this podcast, we listen to your stories and use them as our guide. Hear us give actionable advice to students just like you who are trying to balance work and fun, manage the pressures of school, and feel at home in the dorm. This podcast is a reminder that you're not alone. We all need a bit of help tuning out the noise, finding humor in the struggle, and doing the hard work of living "the best four years of your life."Follow us for episode announcements on Tik Tok and Insta: @collegeisfinepodcast
College Is Fine, Everything's Fine

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