Complete Liberty Podcast

Have you had it with "politics" and desire to live in a brilliantly better future? Are you curious about what can replace an age-old coercive organization trying to control you and your property, so that everyone can finally be respected?

A dangerous myth perpetuates our political plight in America: The belief that we are free. In fact, scores of unjust laws daily violate our individual rights. Being regulated and taxed to fund governmentally monopolized services, under threats of being fined, arrested, punished, or even killed, necessarily sacrifices our needs for freedom and justice.

In stark contrast we have the American spirit, which is about embracing liberty and realizing opportunities for creativity, win/win trade, and prosperity. Complete Liberty podcast explains not only the sundry ills of statism, but also the untold benefits of systems that respect and enable both freedom and responsibility. Let's leave domination systems in the dustbin of history.

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Complete Liberty Podcast

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