Crypto Like A Boss - Adryenn Ashley & Heather Havenwood

Crypto Like A Boss: Insights with Insiders.
Join Heather Havenwood and Adryenn Ashley (Named #1 Women in Blockchain in the World by RichTopia in 2019) as they bring the latest insights with insiders of the cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain, and artificial intelligence to novices and investors. Stay up to date on the where blockchain is changing the world with innovation and entrepreneurship as well as the new global world of crypto.

Bio of Adryenn Ashley:
Named Best Female Influencer in Blockchain in 2019 and one of the Top 45 over 45, award-winning tech entrepreneurs, Adryenn Ashley is a multi-hyphenate serial entrepreneur who taps multiple industries to great winning projects. She is an award winning film producer and author, a pioneer in #SocialTV and an international speaker. Her latest venture, Loly.Io, solves the #metoo epidemic by putting consent on the blockchain while helping women find love.

Bio of Heather Havenwood:
Named Named Most Innovative Women in Business in Social Media 2020 by Stevie Awards. Heather Havenwood is the CEO of Like A Boss™ Digital Media, a boutique digital marketing agency, designed to specifically work with brands, influencers and thought leaders in the crypto, blockchain, and alternative technology markets. Havenwood was named by Huffington Post ‘Top Entrepreneurial Woman to Watch’ as well a Top Amazon Best Seller of her book.
Crypto Like A Boss - Adryenn Ashley & Heather Havenwood

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