Customers Who Click

Do you want actionable advice from the best and brightest eCommerce & D2C professionals? Customers Who Click presents D2C eCommerce specific advice to keep your customers clicking.

In each episode, you鈥檒l learn from experts sharing tools, success stories and insights on how to grow your eCommerce business.

Will Laurenson interviews marketing leaders, from companies such as Fiverr, Virgin Pure, and Jellyfish Group, to help you understand the complete customer journey, their expectations and what is important for the growth of your eCommerce business. We will discuss a variety of industry tools and methods, such as search engine optimization, social media, conversion rate optimization, customer loyalty, referral marketing, and more.

Join me, Will Laurenson of Customers Who Click, as we fight to keep your customers clicking!
Customers Who Click

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The Power of Data-Driven Design
38 minutes

The Power of Data-Driven Design

Crafting a Story with Copywriting
44 minutes

Crafting a Story with Copywriting

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