Feed Your Brand

Get off the marketing roller coaster and get on the automated fast track to digitally market your brand everywhere now. Imagine all the information you need in one place to easily broadcasting messages, saving time, optimizing your results and building a platform that organically grows real fans and qualified clients. Husband and wife team and Co-Founders of Podetize.com, Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard, teach easy content building formulas and smart cut secrets proven to fuel hundreds of videocasts, blogs, podcasts, and brands with bingeable original content.

The goal of any product, service, or business launch is to make “it” sell itself. Because of this core principle, Tom and Tracy have streamlined and powered the way they produce content through podcasting and videocasting to take the least amount of time possible AND be the most effective use of marketing dollars converting to the point that they get paid by others to market their business.

Tracy Hazzard and Tom Hazzard are the founders of Podetize, the largest podcasting production service, and most active syndication hosting platform. A highly successful innovator, Tom has been rethinking brand innovation to build in authority and high-converting revenue streams. Tracy is an Authority Magazine, Inc. Columnist, and BuzzFeed contributor. Both are also podcasters themselves with 4 top-ranked podcasts including: The Binge Factor; Product Launch Hazzards; The New Trust Economy; and their very first podcast WTFFF?! 3D Printing Podcast where they amassed over 500 episodes and 100,000 binge listeners per month. They monetize the podcast with high-level sponsors, 37% call-to-action conversion rates even after podfading the show. As content, product, and influence strategists for corporations, marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, publications, speakers, authors, and experts, Tom and Tracy provides businesses of all sizes a system to spread their marketing message from video to podcast to blog, growing an engaged audience and retaining valuable platform authority without a lot of time, cost, or effort.

When you have a brand or you’re building a business, being everywhere in the media at once is challenging – first creating that original content and broadcasting that message to the world – then gaining that exposure will enable you to market your business. Feed Your Brand covers all areas and types of things you can do to generate content, get that message out there, and be heard in all the right places!

Our goal is to help you broadcast your unique, original message to the world and help you rise above the crowd, because that’s really what it’s all about – stop being that hidden expert! We want to make sure that you’ve listened to, that your audience gets focused, and is a right fit for you so that they can’t wait to buy from you and get even more of you. At the end of the day, the brand authority, the one who gets the value from it, should be you. Learn proven strategies on how to do exactly just that and start building that platform to have raving fans and people ready to buy your services or your products.

Join Tom and Tracy Hazzard to find the winning videocasting and podcasting formula to feed your brand. Consistently and constantly fill your online presence to accelerate your brand authority and generate more revenue. Be original. Be heard. Be found. Promote with power and purpose. Join the conversation on how to get your message to out to the world and Feed Your Brand!

Feed Your Brand

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