Health, Hormones & Done With Dieting

Health, Hormones & Done With Dieting is for women that want direction, focus and the UMPH they need to put aside the excuses that are holding them back and go after what they want. Emily Murphy is a weight loss expert and mindset coach that specializes in hormone balance and increasing metabolism with functional nutrition and lifestyle habits. She shares what really matters when it comes to the things you eat, the way you live and what it takes to make lasting changes. Are you ready to give up dieting, change your mindset and start learning about what your body really needs? She's helped thousands of women navigate the craziness of a world that worships being thin, obsessively promotes dieting and also tells you you should love food and indulge at every
Health, Hormones & Done With Dieting

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Don't Let Summer Set You Back
44 minutes

Don't Let Summer Set You Back

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