BRAND with Julie Ciardi | Build Your Brand to Grow Your Business

Welcome to BRAND with Julie Ciardi. I help coaches & consultants create personal brands. Your personal brand is your most important asset in your business. Why? Because YOU are the product. Become masterful at marketing & selling YOU. What YOU stand for, what you believe and who you help. That is the MAGIC of a personal brand. I want to heIp YOU build your brand. I have over 25 years of experience in marketing, as a former IBM VP to building my own companies. I mix timeless marketing strategies with incredible tools like Human Design & the Gene Keys to MINE your brand from the inside out. The power of a personal brand makes you referable and less dependent on social media to grow your business. Ready to BUILD YOUR BRAND? I will talk about personal branding, marketing, social media, podcasting, Gene Keys, Human Design, Abraham Hicks, and lessons from the Life Coach School, Bob Proctor and more.
BRAND with Julie Ciardi | Build Your Brand to Grow Your Business

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A Special Invitation for YOU!!!
11 minutes

A Special Invitation for YOU!!!

BRAND - with Julie Ciardi
48 minutes

BRAND - with Julie Ciardi

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