I'm best friends with my husbands ex

Hey! We are Lex and Lesh. Two best friends who co-parent with each other. Alesha has a 11 year old son with Alexis’s husband, Josh. Our story is unique because it’s not like every other coparenting relationship. Josh and Alesha were high school sweet hearts.( or so she thought) Alexis and Josh “officially” started dating right after highschool graduation. A few months later Alesha got pregnant with joshs son. There was a lot of heart ache and ups and downs in between but it lead us to where we are today! Even though our husbands are very active in our kids lives, in our coparenting world us moms run the show. We are constantly busy doing something with one of our 7 children. Between Alexis and Alesha there is a 11, 9, 8, 7, 3,3, and a 2 year old. All of our kiddos look at each other as siblings/ best friends. Our pod cast is going to cover every aspect of our lives. Take a peek into the way we rock co-parenthood all while being best friends despite being the wife and the ex.
I'm best friends with my husbands ex

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