Inner Journey with Greg Friedman

Inner Journey with Greg Friedman introduces the audience to some of the greatest leaders in personal growth in the world. We don't tell you what to do or how to do it, we offer pathways and possibilities and assist you in finding and walking in your own Power.
Greg is an internationally renowned Speaker, Guide and Spiritual Mentor who teaches workshops and guides people on journeys to work with indigenous elders all over the world.
Greg also hosts the nationally syndicated radio program, “Inner Journey with Greg Friedman,” the number one program on KX93.5fm. Greg has interviewed some of the greatest thought leaders of our time including people such as: Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, Jack Canfield, Gregg Braden, Caroline Myss, Dan Millman, James Redfield, Robert Moss, Bruce Lipton and many, many more. Whether Greg is working as a guide through the airwaves or through the jungles, he helps people live empowered, authentic lives on a path to self-awakening.
Inner Journey with Greg Friedman

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Inner Journey and Allen Jones
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Inner Journey and Allen Jones

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