KAMCast - Key Account Management Strategies for Business Leaders

A show hosted by me, David Ventura, a specialist in training, educating and consulting on practical strategies for harnessing the power of Key Account Management (KAM) in SME’s today. I am also the principal KAM consultant and Managing Director of www.kamguru.com.

In a world of diminishing customer loyalty, what can business leaders do to retain their top customers, while still adding value. In this podcast I explore some hands-on tips and tactics you can implement today – to remarkably shift your sales culture in your business.

The episodes are designed to challenge your thinking and preconceptions of “sales”. They will teach you techniques for:

- protecting your most important customers from competitors;
- building & maintaining profitable partnerships with your key contacts; &
- developing the strategies, systems & skills to deliver customer growth (i.e. identify, retain and grow your top ten customers).

I am joined by business leaders who have learnt to radically shift their culture and attitude towards sales, and empower their business with the ability to grow rapidly from within. I also invite experts in the fields of leadership, coaching and customer experience to share their insights into the psychology of sales, organisational culture and leading business growth.

In the modern, digitally-heightened business world we operate in today, can you afford to be flippant about your top customers, and why they choose to work with you? No, you cannot.

I invite you to subscribe to KAMCast and listen openly as I challenge you to reimagine your customer success protocols and relationship strategies.
KAMCast - Key Account Management Strategies for Business Leaders

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#014 KAM and COVID, One Year On
16 minutes ·

#014 KAM and COVID, One Year On

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