Law Enforcement Talk: True Crime and Trauma Stories

Law Enforcement Talk: True Crime and Trauma Stories. By and from those that have been there. Crime stories from those that investigated crimes and caught criminals. Also victims of crimes tell about their experience. We also feature trauma stories, by those that have been through it. Often crime based, but not always, people talk about the trauma, how it impacted them and how they built their lives after.

It is a True Crime Show, a Law Enforcement Officer Show and a Human Interest show all in one. Get a glimpse of life behind the badge, investigations of true crimes, violence they encounter and experience. Law enforcement officers, first responders, military veterans, victims of crime and their families tell their stories of the trauma they experienced mostly regarding True Crime incidents. They also talk about how they built their new lives they wanted afterwards. While many people think the show is about Law Enforcement Training, or Law Enforcement specific topis, it is not, think of True Crime Podcasts with a twist.

The Law Enforcement Talk Show goes to radio first. Therefore it is required that I use a clock for the length of segments. You've probably seen on television news interviews that they have a hard break. It's the same with radio. The stations have to be able to program in their commercials, news, weather, traffic reports etc. These are called avails, they are NOT Optional. Every guest knows about and is informed of the length of the segments and that I will interrupt them if needed to go to the break. The interviews are recorded and the guests know that the segments must be in a certain length and it is required and they get to tell their stories to millions of people for free.

The twice weekly podcast version of the syndicated Law Enforcement Talk Radio Show, with numerous affiliate US Radio Stations, broadcasting once a week to millions of people.聽

The show host, 聽John "Jay" Wiley, is a radio DJ and Retired Baltimore Police Sergeant. The show started as a podcast, before being recruited by terrestrial AM-FM radio stations and has been in continuous operation since March of 2017. You can reach him at [email protected].

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Law Enforcement Talk: True Crime and Trauma Stories

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