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Trying to work out how all your marketing fits together is tricky, especially when you're trying to juggle everything else you need to do while running a small business. 聽MAP IT Marketing steps you through how to create your own marketing map, building out a marketing strategy that is practical, and will help you take action after every episode.

Listen and learn with your host, marketing strategist and coach Rachel Klaver, as she breaks down the steps of building out a marketing action plan specifically for the small business owner. (because we are different than a big company! We have smaller budgets, less resource and far less time!)

Join Rachel as she shares her own business lessons and learning, or enjoy her expert guests talking tactics to help you become more confident in your own marketing. As we walk through all the different steps you need to take to build out your marketing activity, you'll be able to note what you need to do to implement the marketing advice and tactics. Think of it as your own marketing coach, helping you sift through all the small business marketing information, and working out what you need to do next. 聽

Want a clear direction in your marketing? Let's come make a map.聽

MAP IT Marketing

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