Misfits Audio Presents: Eye For An Eye

A young woman in boyish rags finds herself in a strange seaport with no memory or right eye. Before long, her wanderings take her on a journey with a tavern girl to find a kidnapped prince. The prince, trapped in a giant hole in the ground, finds himself befriending (grudgingly, albeit) a mildly psychotic pirate girl who used to be part of the crew that imprisoned him, before getting thrown into the aforementioned hole. As the memory-less girl gets further into her adventures, she begins to realize just how much she used to know. Armed with naught but good fortune, she stumbles around in search of those responsible and those she once knew. Will the heroine find those responsible for her torture? Tune in and find out on EYE FOR AND EYE, a piratical audio saga of humorous proportions.
Misfits Audio Presents: Eye For An Eye

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