Mother Daughter Connections®

What if you could hang out with a compassionate down-to-earth mom who was also expertly trained as a licensed psychologist, ask her any questions or share any concerns you had about your relationship with your daughter; and then take an insight or two to transform your mother-daughter relationship? That’s what happens each week on the Mother Daughter Connections® Podcast. Hosted by Dr. Michelle Deering –– Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer, best-selling author/speaker, CEO, and mother of twin daughters –– every episode is a conversational, honest in-depth look at motherhood and the complexities of the mother-daughter relationship--the good, the bad, and the pulling-your-hair-out aspects of being a mom. Moms not only rock but also "rock the cradle" of the next generation of leaders; and the Mother-Daughter Connections® is central to that legacy. Come join the community -- the movement -- that believes that healthy relationships between mothers and daughters are possible! Get encouragement. Get equipped so you can improve your mother-daughter relationship . . .one connection at a time.
Mother Daughter Connections®

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