My Friend Luis

My Friend Luis is the celebration of an extraordinary life and an unlikely friendship that developed between a law-and-order Republican and an undocumented immigrant living in California. Born into abuse and poverty in Mexico, Luis tries to survive through insurmountable odds. Through a series of freakish encounters, Luis navigates a pathway beyond his circumstances with an undeniable hunger to make a better life for himself than he knew as a child. As the son of a Sun Maid raisin-grower in California, Wayne found himself on the other side of the quest for better conditions and pay for farmworkers. He looked down on those who came across the border illegally and the burden they added to the economy. Despite their twenty-year age gap and their differing cultures, their lives crossed paths in 2008 and a friendship began that has transformed both of their lives in ways they would never have imagined. This is the story of that friendship.
My Friend Luis

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