Our Mutual Friend - Charles Dickens

Our Mutual Friend, the last novel completed by Charles Dickens, has many plots, twists and turns, from the murky river Thames to the gold and crystal on the tables of ‘Society’. A tale of murder, treachery, jealousy and love, takes us first to a rowing boat on the Thames, where the Hexhams have found a body in the water and are bringing it to shore. We attend the Boffins, a poor naïve couple, who unexpectedly have just become wealthy, after their employer dies and names them in his will. Silas Wegg becomes their ‘literary man’ and John Rokesmith, a mysterious man, becomes their secretary. We meet the Veneerings, new to society, who hold elaborate dinner parties for ‘dear friends’ they’ve never met. Bella and Lizzie, each from different walks of life, find love from unexpected quarters. The Lammles, a society couple, become match makers for their own ulterior motives. Two ne’er do well lawyers, Mortimer Lightwood and Eugene Wrayburn, find themselves caught up in intrigue, and learn how dangerous their work can be. Riderhood, a devious individual, finds himself in a dark plot with school teacher Bradley Headstone. Betty Higden, a loyal elderly woman, whose independence and love are so inspiring, our hearts go out to her. Dickens weaves together some of his most colorful and oft times hilarious characters so cleverly, that even up to the end of the story, surprises are afoot.

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Our Mutual Friend - Charles Dickens

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