Political Disorder

Introducing Political Disorder. A podcast about the deliberate amplification of disinformation. In this podcast, we confront misinformation and disinformation campaigns head-on. We wade through the shit to get to the truth. We provide facts from viable, knowledgeable sources.We scrutinize and ask questions. We confront the shit makers. Because truth is not subjective, only people鈥檚 minds and beliefs are. Buckle up my friends. It promises to be a crazy ride. WARNING: Truth disrupts disinformation, and it pisses people off; so, the content of this podcast may be triggering to some and promises to be triggering to others. It contains adult language and controversial discussions and topics. Please take this into consideration before listening. This podcast is brought to you by Powerful Podcasts, a media-on-demand network. It is written, produced, and hosted by Tamara Graham, with episodic co-hosting by Taran Damalcheruvu and Leashia Moody-Miller. Co-producer and co-writer is Taran Damalcheruvu. You can find this podcast and other powerful conversations on our website at www.pcspodcasts.com. You can also find this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you find your podcasts. For a full list, please refer to our website.
Political Disorder

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