Garden Like A BOSS

Rural Women Inspired is a weekly podcast created for YOU, the Farmer/Rancher, Gardener, Organic Grower, Livestock Hobby-ist, Farm Wife, Mother, Businesswoman, and Rural Community Leader. If you're looking for INSPIRATIONAL advice during your time in the grain truck or tractor, lunch break, morning workout, or "me" time, host Mindy Young brings the motivation to push through any obstacle and succeed in creating your most ideal, happy, and healthy life. Each podcast episode details the journey of a successful rural woman who shares her WORST "failures" and lessons learned, happy light bulb moments, the ideas transformed from those moments and so much more. Each episode will be jam packed with value, resources and action steps for you to take with you and enjoy. Visit for all the show notes and resources from each episode.
Garden Like A BOSS

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Leftover Halloween Candy Ideas
12 minutes

Leftover Halloween Candy Ideas

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