Security Economy

Whether you want to be or not, you are now part of the security economy. Your personal and professional data has value; do you know who has it? Your data may even have a life of its own on the dark web; what does that mean? You are one of four billion people who use the internet globally. Every time you do so, you risk your personal and professional data being stolen. The internet was never built for privacy and security; those are add-ons. The world wide web wasn't used for commercial purposes until 1992. Before then, it had just been a collaboration tool between government researchers and the higher education community. The web was built for openness and collaboration - not security. Now in 2020, Gallup's data shows that Americans worry more about cyber crime than any other crime, and 71% worry about their personal data being hacked. How did we get here? Why are hackers so successful? If the world's largest companies can get hacked, what does that mean for small and medium businesses - and for you?In this podcast, we will investigate the trends driving cyber security into the future and explore the impacts to your personal privacy and security. Listen in every other week to a new piece of the puzzle of how human behavior, technology, and money are intersecting to make you more, or perhaps less, secure.
Security Economy

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