Sensory Friendly Solutions

Welcome to the Sensory Friendly Solutions Podcast! In season one, we are bringing you an 11-part deep dive into the world of your senses, sensory sensitivity and sensory overload, with the goal of discovering and sharing sensory-friendly solutions for daily life. You’ll hear the candid voices of the Sensory Friendly Solutions team, international experts, parents, industry leaders and first-person accounts and people like you, who have created solutions made for the real world. Podcast reflections and leadership are provided by Sensory Friendly Solutions Founder and CEO Christel Seeberger. She is someone who experiences sensory sensitivity and sensory overload herself, with adult-onset hearing loss. Christel also previously worked as an occupational therapist for more than 25 years. She founded Sensory Friendly Solutions to make the world more sensory-friendly for everyone. The Sensory Friendly Solutions podcast season one was produced by Matt George, and engineered by Zachary Pelletier.
Sensory Friendly Solutions

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