Thank God For Plan B, Because Plan A Didn't Work - Vol 1

I believe that in everyone's life there is “PLAN A” and a “PLAN B”; however, not in the traditional sense as in having a backup plan, but rather ...Plan A: Is designated as the time in one's life before you personally met Christ. PLAN B: Is after you met him and you now have a personal relationship with him, and this life should be distinctly different from your Plan A.
It is my belief that your Plan A is where Satan attacks you in the attempt to throw you off course in the effort to prevent you from meeting your objective of “Why you are here on this earth in the first place”.

In this story we follow what happened to the main character named “Jonathan Butler” and how he handled his "Curve Ball”. We watch through five different novels how he adjusts to life’s challenges and his many attempts to return to center and find his way back to Christ.
Thank God For Plan B, Because Plan A Didn't Work - Vol 1

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