The Art of Parenting

The Art of Parenting provides parents and caregivers support and encouragement as we nurture and guide the next generation.

Do you struggle with your child’s demanding or frustrating behaviors? Do you find yourself spread way too thin trying to figure out this whole “parenting puzzle” (such as tantrums, hitting or biting, wanting a better relationship with your child, sibling rivalry, potty training, co-sleeping, etc.)?

The Art of Parenting podcast, with your host Jeanne-Marie Paynel, is intended to help you decipher children's needs and learn how to better provide for them. I’ll be sharing simple tips and tricks that will make a huge difference in your home while giving you the support and encouragement you deserve to enhance and enrich your parenting experience.

Each week I’ll be helping you find clarity and solutions to your toughest parenting problems through Q&A sessions and inspirational conversations with world-renowned experts in a variety of fields. Topics range from Montessori and RIE parenting methods to positive discipline, respectful and conscious parenting, minimalism and more!

Parenting was never meant to be done alone and The Art of Parenting is here to debunk the general consensus that it has to be hard.
The Art of Parenting

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96: Unwired. With Gaia Bernstein
52 minutes ·

96: Unwired. With Gaia Bernstein

95: Newborn Sleep. With Kim West
48 minutes ·

95: Newborn Sleep. With Kim West

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