The Innovation Engineer Podcast

Let's talk about software engineering, innovation, and technology trends.

Imagine you are in the coffee corner of a hip innovation startup, where all those fancy engineers meet and talk about current trends and topics. And you can just stand next to them, with your own coffee and listen to their discussion about what鈥檚 hot right now.

Welcome to The Innovation Engineer Podcast, your favorite place for picking brains of your favorite engineers. So grab your nerdiest mug, fill it with your beverage of choice and enjoy. If you're a Developer, an Engineering Manager, Tech Decision Maker or anyone interested in the world of engineering and innovation - this is your place. Each episode we ask ourselves the latest question coming from the wonderful world of technology.

This podcast is hosted by Innovation Engineer Tarek Madany Mamlouk and Principle Engineer Sebastian "Waschi" Waschnick.
The Innovation Engineer Podcast

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