The Entrepreneur Personal Brand Business Show ~ Personal Branding, Expert Business & Personal Development

Building a business around your personal branding is challenging for many reasons. Listen in as Bob Gentle speaks with expert Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Marketers and Creators from around the world to unpack their Personal Brand Businesses and discover what really makes them work.

Leave the B.S. behind and discover the real stories of what success takes from the people making that happen every day. Guests aren't just great at what they do. They innovate traditional business models and find new ways to deliver value, scale, teach or serve and ultimately build wealth, impact through a strong Personal Brand.

Guests on the Personal Brand Business Show™ are drawn from all points on the Personal Brand and Entrepreneurial spectrum. Some are early stage and some are mature. Some are practitioners adding value to the Expert Business space and others have leveraged Personal Branding and online business models to do incredible things.

Each interview opens a new window into the wonderfully diverse world of Entrepreneurs, Creators, Coaches and other Expert Business owners. Each interview offers new perspectives,, impetus, motivation and nourishment we need to continue to grow both as human beings and to grow our businesses.

About your host : Bob Gentle is a world renowned Personal Brand and Expert Business strategic advisor, coach and through his company AmplifyMe provides logistical, creative and technical support to expert business owners globally.

Bob is also the creator of the Personal Brand Business Roadmap™ ~ Everything you need to Start, Scale or just Fix your Expert Business. Download it for FREE at

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The Entrepreneur Personal Brand Business Show ~ Personal Branding, Expert Business & Personal Development

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