True Crime Reality

Truth is stranger than fiction...and reality tv stars know this better than anyone. They are personally intertwined with the world’s most extraordinary happenings, mysterious people and bizarre crimes than anyone else.

The truth is, while being a reality star and putting their lives out there does have its perks, it also makes them an easy target and more susceptible to criminal behavior.


That’s why so many reality stars have a story…it happened to them, their friend, their family…a house break-in, a hostage situation, adultery, kidnapping, armed robbery, financial scams, paternity fraud, identity theft and even murder.


Each week on the ‘True Crime - Reality’ Caelynn Miller-Keyes (Bachelor) will be joined by a reality star as they dive deep into the details of a crime they have a direct connection to. The who, the what, the why and the what ‘were they thinking?!’


True Crime and all it’s darkest secrets, are about to get a taste of reality.

True Crime Reality

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