Why Christians Should Celebrate Passover Instead of Easter

Greetings brothers and sisters, for the month of March, we will present a 3-part audio series entitled “Why Christians Should Celebrate Passover Instead of Easter,” by Evelyn C. Pointer, one of the elders of our church organization. Even to this very day, God commands that we keep the Passover. This holy feast not only commemorates the time in which ancient Israel was delivered from bondage in Egypt but it also concerns the death & resurrection of Christ who through the shedding of his blood will preserve his saints from eternal death. Despite the important meaning of Passover, so many people choose to acknowledge Easter instead. On the surface, this holiday seems good and acknowledges the death and resurrection of Christ as well. However, Easter is very much rooted in paganism. Furthermore, Christ, himself, celebrated Passover and NOT Easter.
Why Christians Should Celebrate Passover Instead of Easter

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