36481? - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

36481? is the alterego of the band Kra from Japan. They cover songs of other bands on the PS Company music label. They have so far release only one self titled single which contains four tracks. They are covers of a Miyavi, Kagrra, and a song by The GazettE. The first song is a cover of Kra… the band did a cover of their own song!

The single was released in 2005 and the band has since stopped any activity.

Members are:

Vocal: 法 歩ヶ清, in Kra: 景夕 (Keiyuu)

- Professional: priest

Miracle guitar & tambourine: かつあげた, in Kra: 舞 (Mai)

- Professional: part-time worker

Support Taisho: 楊 再見, in Kra: 結良 (Yuura)

- Professional: Non-trading

Host: 翼, in Kra: 靖乃 (Yasuno)

- Professional: Host