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A Pale Horse Named Death is an American gothic metal band based out of Brooklyn, New York. It was created by Sal Abruscato (a former drummer for Type O Negative) and produced/engineered by Matt Brown of Seventh Void and Uranium 235. The band has recently released their second album titled Lay My Soul to Waste.


And Hell Will Follow Me (2011-2012)

A Pale Horse Named Death was formed in Brooklyn, New York by Sal Abruscato. Critique went with their album "And Hell Will Follow Me"'s June release. Sal's partner on the album is Matt Brown, sound engineer and guitarist of Seventh Void. "The chemistry between me and Matt is unique and flawless; very rare in today's music. We are the murdering evil version of Lennon and McCartney," says Sal Abruscato. Brown adds, "Sal asked me if I would help to take these songs to the next level. I took on this project for my friend, to find some closure in rough times. The album cover was made by Sam Shearon also known as o'Mister-Sam', who has also done work for Rob Zombie, Fear Factory and Rammstein, and has a 20 page booklet with artwork for each song. Also, the double LP version has a bonus track called "Pickup Truck". Life of Agony's Keith Caputo gave background vocals to four tracks and Lou Reed's saxophonist Ulrich Krieger plays on "Die Alone". Bobby Hambel from the band Biohazard - who has played with the band live at gigs played the guitar leads on three songs. Alongside Sal, Matt, and Bobby, the live line-up puts Type O Negative and Seventh Void drummer Johnny Kelly on the drums, and Eric Morgan on bass. "This is my pinnacle creation, the best album I have ever done," commented Sal. "And after listening, most people are tending to agree."And Hell Will Follow Me was ranked No. 5 album of 2011 by Revolver Magazine.

Lay My Soul to Waste (2013-present)

On January 21, 2013, Lay My Soul to Waste was announced. It was released in North America on May 21, 2013 and in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria on May 23, 2013. Its European release was May 24, 2013.

Sal Abruscato talked about the album by saying

I can't express in words how proud I am of our accomplishment. To finally complete our sophomore album, sit back and listen to what we have done is a great feeling. From our performances to Matt Brown's mixes and finally having the album blessed by engineer and mastering great Ted Jensen, this album sounds bigger than the Grand Canyon. This album will surpass all expectations; it will be a privilege and an honor to present this album to all the fans.


  • Sal Abruscato - lead vocals, guitar
  • Matt Brown - guitar, backing vocals
  • Johnny Kelly - drums
  • Eric Morgan - bass guitar
  • Eddie Heedles - guitar


  • Bobby Hambel - guitar


  • And Hell Will Follow Me - (2011)
  • Lay My Soul to Waste - (2013)


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