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Adam Kroll, Polish by birth, immigrated to Germany in 1981 and finally found his home in Duesseldorf.

It was in Duesseldorf that he was eventually able to follow his impulse for freedom and creativity after his restricted and uncomfortable school time.

The first form of expression Adam found was with paints in his hands, which was to nearly lead him to the art academy. It wasnt until a friend showed him a few beats on a drum that his enthusiasm for music was awakened. From that point on his paints were put away in a drawer, where they remain to this day! Adam needed a master plan quickly, enough time to practice and a plan in the art of survival

At last the first formations began take place when everything that some how or other had a black groove to it became incredibly interesting to Adam, it was then that he scored a place, as the only white, in an African Reggae band. He began to let the legendary minimalism and the very beginnings define him.

After a four year Ganja Fever Tour, which was emotionally fun and exuberant, Adam discovered the Atari computer.

This opened up a whole new world of possibilities in accomplishing his dreams, ideas and potential. This ignited a new creative desire. Exactly where it was going was unimportant at first, but it was this misdirection that led to endless, uneventful tinkering sessions and no concepts.

Ultimately, influenced by Mouse on Mars. Jan Jelinek & Co, Adam found his feet in electric music, where everything that in some way twanged, rasped and was in a sense peculiar, began to inspire Adam enormously. The master plan was to be focused on a demo, which was supposed to end up at Kompakt Familie in Cologne.

However, a friend from Duesseldorf, Oliver Hacke, who had already celebrated his first success at the label Trapez/Traumschallplatten, suggested that Adam send his demo there, this was how a gratifying closeness began. In the meantime Adam Kroll has made his name among the regular artists at the Cologne label Traum, Cologne being where he has lived since 2002.

After a long break Adam is again playing in a frequently booked band and is still striving to perfect his master plan. The strength lies in the antagonism and contrast from house aesthetic and the infatuation to detail in the arrangement, like one would normally expect from micro house.

Since the publications Adam Kroll has stared on Traum label nights (Pop Com Cologne, Frankfurt, Amsterdam Paradiso, Cologne Studio 672, SENSOR club,Berlin Panorama Bar,Munich Registratur an stuff.) Thus enabling him to expand, his already vast repertoire, which is to feature in the near future on Traum, and shows a continual development. Nobody knows where this development will eventually lead.