Albert Huybrechts - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Albert HUYBRECHTS (Dinant, 12 February 1899 - Brussels, 21 February 1938) studied at the Royal Music Conservatory of Brussels, where he assumed the position of harmony professor in 1937, a few months before passing away unexpectedly. Within just a few years, marked by moral and material concerns , he built up an impressive body of work, rich and dense, that we have not yet completely penetrated. He was guided by a quest for uncompromising authenticity, his human qualities equal to his musical ones.

His Sonata for violin and piano (1925) is a masterpiece, with which he won the prestigious Coolidge Prize (USA). The very same year, his first string quartet (1924) was awarded the 1st Prize of the d’Ojay Valley Festival (California). Where others might have exploited this double triumph, his outlook was a sort of Puritanism or even asceticism, which made him flee the bourgeois and despise society life.

He continued to work in the same self-effacing manner, without achieving success and facing the same obstacles. Today, Albert Huybrechts has earned indisputable recognition as one of the most sincere and powerfully expressive artists of our time.