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“It´s coming to swallow us all…”

A Hole In the Sky – Anhedonia




Juan Carlos Cuevas “JC” – Vocals

Erick Solís – Guitar and backing vocals

Jorge Hill – Keyboards

Marco Juárez “Blas” - Bass

Adrian Caloca – Drums


The word Anhedonia comes from the greek roots “A-” (Without, negation) and “Hedone” (Pleasure, delight). It describes the loss or disability to experience pleasure from events, actions or relationships, from everyday things to the extraordinary. The word is usually used in clinical psychological and psychiatric language to describe a symptom that appears in schizophrenia and depressions, leaving the patient with a sense of absolute despair. In the band, the term is used to describe what the lyrics and music want to express, evolving at times from a visual symbol to a conceptual one: the solitude of a mind turned into a barren cracked waste that extends endlessly into a dark horizon, an old abandoned lighthouse being hammered by giant waves of a gray turbulent sea, a changing maze without exit, a hollow and moist old house peeling and crumbling away; all of these and more, visual landscapes that appear in Anhedonia´s design concept and lyrics, serving as settings for music and words that try to express, without the abuse of emotion or losing ground, some disturbing aspects of everyday life, relationships, loneliness, guilt, despair, melancholy, the absurd of some social conventions, loss and fighting for hope, hope and losing it. Anhedonia tries to stick with a responsible philosophy mixed with sharp critical thinking and a mature approach to feelings and experience, they´re not afraid to show anger, knowing they´ll never turn it into a clown show, they are not afraid of talking about or expressing love and its nostalgic loss, knowing both are deeply real experiences, breathtaking and shattering.


In 1995, keyboardist Jorge, drummer Ricardo, singer JC and former Anhedonia´s singer & bassist, Omar Torres, met each other and decided to form a band, influenced by the revolutionary new sounds in metal coming from Europe at the moment. The band was named “Dark Fairytales” and centered in joining two of the biggest european metal branches at the moment, black metal and doom metal. The band evolved and changed members constantly, having some successful gigs in what was a newborn and almost overlooked scene in México City. After a couple of years the band dissolved, pushed by the personal life and studies of the remaining original members Jorge, Omar and Ricardo. Not much time passed for Omar, Jorge and Ricardo to try a new band again, knowing there was a particular musical connection between them and a strong friendship. Having trouble finding musicians who would understand and connect with the intimate and personal concept of the band, it became a two-man studio band for Omar and Jorge, constantly showing the songs to Ricardo and always having him in mind for the time their personal life, jobs and duties would give them time to rehearse and search for musicians once again.

After some failed tries and years of every member playing in other bands and projects, the opportunity finally came in 2007 with the finding of a good rehearsal room and the stubborness of Jorge to finally take the band to the next level, compose in a continuous way and finding good gigs to play live. During this process, rehearsing with pro-tools sequences, keyboards, bass, voice and drums, the band met Eric, guitar player, who was automatically drawn by the different sound, mood and quality of the band. Since day one he completely committed himself to Anhedonia, its gigs and song arrangement; in the same way, the band was drawn and completed by Eric´s heavy riffs, technical knowledge and the deep connection and understanding of what Anhedonia wanted to express. Some months of rehearsing lead to a year of continuous and very successful gigs, always in the spotlight and somewhat gracious confusion of a mexican metal scene mostly involved in death metal and goth. It was in the midst of this band-stable and growing time, that Omar (Bass & voice) left the band for personal reasons. The search for a new voice and a bass player was short, having JC and Blas as friends, knowing they were great musicians and that they loved the band, the songs and its concept. The rehearsals with them started just some weeks later, as well as the composing of new songs and the preparation to bring back to stage an Anhedonia much more powerful, stronger and expressive than ever… it worked, and now the band is playing live all over México city, expecting a mini-tour over the Mexican Republic and making the last arrangements to record, finally, its first LP album and looking after what will be their next step beyond.

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