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At the core of melancholy there’s always hope. Apple of Discord capture that subtle push and pull of sweetness and sorrow on their newest release, You’re Not The Answer. A contemplative and earnest collection of songs that explore the truths of human interaction and the realities of growing up, the band’s fourth CD is set for a co-release this winter by Azteca Records and Engineer Records.

With James Cuartero on vocals and guitar, Nolan Ciron on bass, Mike Mamaril on guitar and Brian Newell on drums, the band couples indie rock guitars with artful dynamic shifts and heartfelt vocals. Lyrically, Cuartero mines the stories and experiences of the people in his life.

“A lot of people mistake the songs as being autobiographical,” he says. “But I don’t write songs about myself anymore. Most of them are for people I know, and about situations and emotions that I never talk to them about.” Then he adds, “I am fully aware of how creepy that is.”

But it’s a perspective that works and one that has provided plenty of inspiration since Apple of Discord first formed in 1996. The group has thrived as active members of southern New Jersey’s dynamic DIY scene, often setting up their own more intimate shows in addition to regular club gigs. The band will also tour throughout 2007 in support of You’re Not The Answer.