Archipelago - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

There are at least 4 bands named Archipelago:

1) Archipelago is the music of Peter Naddeo. He was born on the Appalachian trail near Blue Mountain, PA, USA and studied English in Boston where he began writing and recording music for an art collective of the same name. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where he plays in bands, most actively as a guitarist for Laura Stevenson and the Cans. He released the album “Have Here” on Quote Unquote Records. His official website is here:

2) Archipelago is a free-folk improvisational ensemble with no set lineup and includes all members of the Backporch Revolution collective, as well as other guests. The concept: intuitive absorption and retransmission of sound? An attempt to annhilate the ego through an immersion into pure vibration and space? A bunch or weird noise made by a strange mystery cult?

Instrumentation consists of guitars, stand-up bass, harmonium, cello, sitar, dobro, saxophone, tamboura, melodica, xylophone, dan-mo, hammered dulcimer, digiridoo, a rather large gong, and all manner of hand drums, percussion pieces and other noise makers from household implements to home brewing accessories to home-made electronics and circuitbent toys… not to mention live turntablism and other improvised electroacoustics.

Archipelago gets together three or four times a year and records a live session; their eighth recording was released in early 2007 titled Images of Popular Deities.

3) Archipelago are a four-piece Filipino rock band fronted by Pupil’s Yan Yuzon. He is joined by fellow Pupil band member Wendell Garcia (drums), Chad Rialp on bass and Pat Tirano on rhythm guitar. They released their debut album, Travel Advisory in 2009.

4) Archipelago are a wonky-pop three piece from the UK. Formed late in 2007, they mix parping synths with a single-handed devotion to the pop duet not seen since Phil Oakey first asked Susan Ann Sulley if she still wanted him.

Ex-Llama Farmers frontman Bernie Simpson shares vocal duties with Assyrian-Welsh pop chateuse Delia Antoine for some off-kilter and supremely catchy pop. Now garnering national radio play and back on the road in July, Archipelgo look set for a long too-hot-to-trot summer .