Arkham Witch - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Simon Iff? and Emily Ningauble of The Lamp of Thoth formed Arkham Witch in 2008 in Keighley, UK. They recorded a five-song demo that was very well received. After sharing a stage together in many different heavy metal outfits throughout the years, Aldo ‘Dodo’ Delarose, (of the legendary Maltese thrash band Manslaughter, and more recently Yorkshire thrash titans Let ‘Em Burn) and Johnny ‘The Demon’ Demaine were recruited so that the band could play live. After a triumphant appearance at the warm up show for the Dublin Doom Day, and a confirmed opening slot on the upcoming Hammer of Doom festival in Germany, some furious song writing sessions have produced their debut album On Crom’s Mountain which was released by the German label BARBARIAN WRATH. The band has a traditional heavy metal sound that incorporates a lot of doomy elements, lovecraftian references, and unashamedly worships in the church of the old school. 2012 saw the release of the 2nd full length Legions of the Deep, followed by the EP Hammerstorm in 2013, both released through Metal On Metal Records.