Arkus - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Dutch outfit ARKUS have maintained a low profile presence for three decades or so. Their first ever production was issued back in 1981, a concept album called 1914 isnpired by a poem wriiten by Bert Voeten. Initially issued as a privately pressed vinyl, this debut effort was reissued by Dutch label SI Music in 1993, and is due to that this band’s most well known production.

A self released CD, Win or Loose, appeared in 1991, and in 2003 a third album followed in the shape of Two of a Kind. Neither of which made much of an impact, and where the latter in particular appears to be a CD impossible to track down these days.

It would appear that Arkus is still a going concern, at least if some comments on YouTube can be trusted, but this project appears to be on the backburner for the musicians involved at the time being.