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Australis has been the natural, spontaneous expression of the human heart long before it received its official name. Formally established as a musical presence in August 2004, it remains the incessant quest for the acoustics of emotion beyond any cultural and geographic limits. Aware that music is in fact the language of feelings, he adopted the name "Australis" (which in Latin means "southern") as a nexus to the region of the planet where he experienced his own first emotions. His music, the interbreeding of sound and spirit, journeys through new age, ambient, world, electronica and classic styles; touched by his own acoustic perceptions. The always unique outcome gives birth to aural landscapes where heart and rhythm interweave seamlessly: rich and vast environments that invite the soul to explore and discover, to expand, to feel. Australis' first offering, his debut album "Lifegiving", was released in May 2005. Its tracks have been favorites in several online radio stations long before its release and earned Australis the Morpheus Music's "2004 Best New and Independent Artist" award in January 2005. For more information about "Lifegiving", please see the music section. "The Gates of Reality", Australis' second production, is now completed and its release date will be announced in the following weeks. This fourteen track compilation explores, from different perspectives, the relationship we have with our own imagination: Do we take it as a trivial distraction? Do we embrace it as a counterbalance to reality? Are we the creators of our own imaginary realms, or are we their prisoners? For more information about "The Gates of Reality", please see the music section. To remain informed about Australis' music and to have access to download new tracks as they are completed, you are invited to register to receive our free newsletter at the home section. Australis, the person Born in a land of ancient cultures where millenary traditions are present everywhere and thousands of years of emotions are part of daily life, Australis can't remember a time in his life when he was not moved by music. He was exposed to musical instruments since birth. Additionally, he was allowed to explore those instruments in complete freedom and without the interference of discipline or formal instruction. Aware of the fact that musical creativity has a much deeper meaning than mere musical interpretation, his parents intentionally protected this natural environment providing musical guidance only when he asked for it through his endless musical evolutions. Finally, at the age of twelve everything changed as he composed his first musical piece. Without being completely aware of the meaning of this milestone, he had opened a door that would never be closed again. Suddenly music was more than just company to his emotions; suddenly music became the actual language through which his own feelings could be expressed. During the following years he absorbed every possible musical influence around him with a hunger beyond measure, experimenting, collecting, exploring styles and genres; continuously searching for the musical grammar that best described his sentiments. As a result of this process, he founded several bands and got involved in many musical groups during his teenager years: from andean folklore to pop, from spiritual choir to hard rock, from solo pianist to improvised jamming; always conveying his own semantics in a never-ending seach for his own musical identity. By the time he reached adulthood he had grown dissatisfied with the parameters imposed by popular music genres, finding them restrictive and confining. However, the semi-famous status reached by some of the bands he worked with kept him distracted from his own musical intentions for several years. This changed some years later when his father passed away. Awaken by that painful departure and reconsidering his whole life, he found himself wishing to return to music with a clean heart as when he was a small boy composing his first pieces; to concentrate in the essential aspects of life avoiding distractions that only tamper with our sensibility and our ability to experience and feel. This desire to return to his original intentions, along with his discontent towards the limited criteria of popular music, translated into a shift to what he considers more meaningful and less limited styles; genres with wider emotional spaces where the heart can express freely and honestly. In the present Australis lives with his family in a quiet town at the foots of the Rocky Mountains in Utah, United States; where he composes, records and produces all his music. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.