Beach La Mar - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Beach La Mar was an early 80’s band from Leeds, formed by Martin King (ex Tragic Minds and Music For Pleasure) on guitar, Phil Dye (ex Expelaires) on drums, Beverley Ismay on vocals and Andy Quirke on bass. The band evolved from Thrash! a studio band formed by King, Dye and Ismay who released one track ‘Time Will Tell’ which appeared on the compilation album ‘Your Secrets’ Safe With Us’ featuring David Whitaker (Music For Pleasure) on guitar. Having written a fistful of pop tunes and demo’d unsuccessfully for Motown and Island Records (at the original Woodlands Recording Studio in Normanton) , the trio recruited Andy Quirke and proceeded to surround themselves with a various musicians from other local bands and the Leeds college of Music and began to play live in and around the North of England. At its’ height the band consisted of 11 members with a backbone of guitar, bass and drums, a three piece brass section, percussion, keyboards and backing vocalists, producing a powerful set of soul based pop songs. In 1984, Michael Small (cousin of Heather Small of M People) took over lead vocals adding a new dimension to the band’s sound. With Small on vocals the band went on to produce another three track demo and a self financed single ‘Breakdown/While The Beat Goes On, on Pure Joy Records but by this time Ismay, King and Dye had all moved on and in 1986 the band folded.