Blood Feathers - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

“In 1776, a handful of men gathered in Philadelphia to divorce the British over (cited) irreconcilable differences. In the process they created a monumental document, a new country, and forever changed the course of music history.

As unique cultures began to intermingle for the first time, they found common ground in musical expression. The amalgamation of their individual styles soon gave rise to new forms such as jazz, blues, country, and gospel. These well-springs began to flow through the farthest corners of the country, becoming further personalized, and evolving into genres we’ve come to know as bluegrass, tejano, Appalachian folk, rockabilly, cajun, and rhythm n blues, among others. Great caravans set forth along the blues highway, with the medicine shows, or following the migration of opportunity. As the people traveled, they sang, and as they sang, they began to be recorded. Records spun on phonograph players for hours, and the air was filled with music. The next generation, dizzy with excitement, breathed it all in, and exhaled rock ‘n’ roll.

And so, as you sit here now with this record in your hands, you are holding the collective history of this country. You are holding Ben Franklin’s electricity, and Thomas Jefferson’s liberty. You are holding Thomas Edison’s phonograph player, and all the field recordings it made possible. You are holding Louis Armstrong’s trumpet, Bo Diddley’s guitar, Howlin’ Wolf’s moan, and the tight harmonies of the Carter Family. But be not misled… Goodness Gracious! is not a throwback to something you’ve heard before, though it will feel familiar. These songs will snug into the grooves of your grandmother’s 78s as easily as they download into the mystery of your IPod. With this release, Blood Feathers is once more ready to take wing, and we, with eyes and ears cast skyward, are attentive with lofty expectation.”

-Newt Lynn