Butcher ABC - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

Butcher ABC was formed by Analtoshit (ex MAGGOTY CORPSE guitar/ex CSSO) and GROTES-Q (ex drummer of CSSO in ‘95 -‘99) in ‘94. The band’s direction was a raw/low goregrind style, influenced by early goregrind bands and Cental/South American bands like early Cenotaph, Colmesis, Pseudostratified Epithelium, etc. *In 96 Analtoshit and Grotes-Q went separate ways. In 2000 Analtoshit reformed the band with all new members taking Butcher ABC in a different musical direction from the original incarnation, adding elements of old school death metal and thrash to the previous goregrind style. *On March 8th 2002 Butcher ABC played their first live show at Shinjuku WALL. *In May of that year their ‘Promo Demo’ 2002 was released on their own label Obliteration Records. The tape sold out over 800 copies so far and is still selling. *The band joined World Wide Gore Grind comp “GORE LAND” released by Brazilian BLACK HOLE PRODUCTION. *Feb 2003, Vocalist Butcher K joined the band. They played their first show with him on March 15th at Shinjuku URGA. *November 21-24 2003, Butcher ABC toured Japan with Polish grind gods, DEAD INFECTION. *July 9th 2004, the band played their first overseas show at Obscene Extreme in Czech. *October 8-11 2004, Butcher ABC did their 2nd Japan tour with Germany’s DEAD. *After touring with DEAD, the band fired Butcher K. *In May 2005, BUTCHER S/SHAITAN (ex VOMIT REMNANTS) joined the band taking over on bass and vocals. *May 2006, Butcher ABC played the Maryland Death Fest in the U.S. *July 2006, 2nd mini album, “Butchered Feast of Being” was released. Mastering by Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath) *Sep 2006, 3rd Japan tour ‘Gore Over Japan’ with GENERAL SURGERY (sweden) and IMPALED (usa) *Sep 2006, After playing for several months as a live drummer, HSO (INTESTINE BAALISM/SURGE LINE) joined the band on a full-time basis. Current Line-up: Analtoshit: Guitar and Vocals ShaitanS: Bass and Vocals Hso: Drums Past Members: Barbequeen: Drums Butcher K: Vocals Chemi-Kill: Bass, Vocals, Guitar