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C≠P (Called≠Plan) is a Japanese visual kei band formed in 2009 after the disbandment of Rei and Otoha’s previous band, Mist. They had their first performance October 2009 at HOLIDAY OSAKA.


Vocal: ユウト (Yuuto)

Guitar: 牡葉(Otoha)
リリィ・ドュ・レーヴ → Mist

Guitar: 一条玲(Ichijō Rei)

不知火~しらぬい~ → Ash → ヒメユリ(玲) → Mist(レイ→一条玲)

Bass: 柊-Syu-

Support Member

Drums: カレン(karen)
ヒメユリ → Mist

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2010/11/10 Radical,Cherry Boy&Gir

2010/04/05 Quantum Leap

2009/11/10 IMAGE PLAN

2009/09/20 Free Distribution CD [ONYX]