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Camen (Born Cornelius Elijah Eaglin in Baltimore, Maryland, on December 9, 1979) is an American rapper and producer, raised in Beaumont and Port Arthur (El Vista), Tx. In the early 80’s, Camen aka ‘Crazy C’ began his learning process and early outlook on gangs, drugs, politics and violence while trying to make sense of it all in the Washington Manor projects in Beaumont, Texas. In search of a better opportunity and environment, his mother allowed him to move to Port Arthur, Texas, with his grandmother in El Vista. Heavily affected by racism in the school system and lack of opportunity in a limited job market, he began to express his thoughts through freestyle, poetry and writing the truths about what he felt. Later he and a child hood friend did a freestyle tape and from there the rest is history as he began to take his gift and craft more seriously.

His mentors would often range from preachers to teachers, gangsters to drug dealers and drug users. Despite the stereotypes society places on these types of figures, they all in some way helped to build his character and create his values. He absorbed and analyzed their stories and anecdotes finding a way to transcend their mistakes into virtues and lessons in his own life. Through it all he was able to develop his own strong identity while writing and playing musical instruments to translate what he felt about his results from his analysis.

His musical influences stemmed from Hip Hop artists in the likes of 2pac, Notorious Big, LL Cool J, Eric B and Rakim, Snoop Dogg, N.W.A., Eazy E, Ice Cube, The Fugees and Busta Rhymes; country rap artists like Outkast, UGK, MJG & 8 ball, DJ DMD, Pimp C, and the DJ Screw Freestyle Legends (Fat Pat, Lil Ke Ke, Mike D, and Big Pokey among others); producers like Ant Banks, Dr. Dre, Herbie Hancock, DJ DMD, DJ Quick, R. Kelly, and Timbaland…

Outside of Camen’s lyrical skill set and well-accomplished freestyle ability, he is also an accomplished musician with a degree in music from Prairie View A&M University. Prairie View is also where he was apart of one of Texas’s legendary underground groups, Beltway 8 records. Beltway 8 was the first underground rap group to put there freestyle and mixtapes on CD in Texas history. As a former member of the original Beltway 8 members, Crazy C aka Camen made his mark early with the 2000 Kappa Beach Party Hit, “4 Screenz and a Gallon” and also featured on many other underground songs released by Beltway 8 during the early 2000’s. (House Inspector, Fallen Stars, 4 Screenz and a Gallon, 3 fa 10, and many more.) He has done work with artists in the likes of A.Y., Bubba Luv, J.B., Tony B., Tadow (Damn Fool), Lil T, Phylnette Harrison, D-Bo, AWUN, Billz, Mz. Mikal J, Yung Black, D-Ray, Screenz and Player Made as more add to his list. He has also made appearances on freestyle CD’s with DJ Mr. Roger’s Da Shit Factory. Featuring on titles like, Real Shit for Real Niggas, Jurassic South, and various other freestyle CD’s. He has been featured in Heavy Rotation Magazine while corresponding as an anchor for the popular magazine.

Today, Camen is the CEO of The Otherside Entertainment as well as his production company, Triumphant Music Group. The Otherside Entertainment was founded in 2003 and is growing exponentially. His music is made for all of life’s moments, so you won’t find too many cliché idealisms within his music. Often original, he likes to bring together the best-fit artist for each project he has. Making his production more like movie casting than just recording tracks and making beats.