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I am a Musician / Sideman / Producer who happens to be a computer junkie. I love electronic music and have traveled to many different countries, enjoying electronic music in many forms. I have produced music for film, TV, and of course much chill out, and House stuff for different artists. This is my life. Traveling, listening, enjoying. Its a privilege to be a musician.

Allot of people ask me what Capicua means…here it is.

Capicua = 8536975796358

A question more usual twenty years ago. Nowadays, many people have found the answer. The technical definition is simple and plain: WORD OR PHRASE WHICH IS POSSIBLE TO BE READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFT OR FROM LEFT TO RIGHT

An example: SENÉN TÉ SIS NENS I SET NENES (Senen has six sons and six daughters) The more typical in English is : A MAN, A PLAN, A CANAL, PANAMÁ

We also know palindromes as ‘cap-i-cues’, but this denomination is more appropriate for numbers with the same characteristics.

As a kid, growing up in south America, I played the game of “capicua” with my friends. Each time we got on the bus to go to the city, it was always hoped that your bus ticket number was a “capicua”. If you got a capicua number, it was considered great luck! You kept that ticket for the rest of your life as a token of good luck. I also played it with my family on long car journeys. If the odometer came up “capicua” the trip would be very fortuitous!

All of this fits in with my obsession with rhythm. Rhythm itself …as a concept and as a musical tool, is something incredibly deep and expansive. Most people never stop to think how deep it actually is. Rhythmic cycles are of particular interest to me. ( Cycle -a course or series of events or operations that recur regularly and usually lead back to the starting point) Cycles are everywhere in nature, in the universe, in our bodies, in our lives. So because of these many realizations, the name Capicua and the meaning of the name …fit. I hope this music brings joy and good times to everyone who hears it.

With all my heart.