Cemtex - биография, альбомы, песни, клипы

There is more than one artist under the name of Cemtex:

1. The project’s author composes electronic music since 1997. At first he liked making fast, energetic music-techno, electro… gradually the speed decreased to 70-90 bpm and Cemtex’s music is best described as abstract hiphop, downtempo. http://56stuff.com/artists/cemtex.htm

2. Cemtex is a Glasgow based Death-Thrash band formed in 2008, all members are originally from the north east of Scotland and are a cross of brutal death metal vocals and blast beats with lashings of chuggy old school thrash riffs and crazy shredding solos.

While no studio recordings have been released to date, several live rehearsal recordings are available and Cemtex have announced that they will be releasing an EP early 2013. Belter.

Neil Fordyce - Guitar

Danny Jamieson - Guitar

Jamie “Spike” Henderson - Bass

“Jamie-9” Mercer - Drums

Martin “The Howl” Howell - Vocals