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Christoph de Babalon is a Berlin based producer and DJ, best known for his work on Alec Empire's label Digital Hardcore Recordings. He also is the co-founder of the label Cross Fade Enter Tainment (CFET).


After releasing a handful of 12-inch releases on smaller Labels in Germany and being heralded as a favorite on John Peel's radio show since 1994, Christoph later signed to DHR in 1996, and later released his only full-length album for the label, If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It in 1997. The album was well received and gained mostly positive reviews, but stood in stark contrast to other DHR releases by offering a new vision of electronic music that differed greatly from that of artists such as Atari Teenage Riot and EC8OR.

Christoph de Babalon's signature sound is a combination of extreme complexity in construction and complete experimentation in form. Songs span many electronic genres including noise, soundscapes, ambient, drum and bass, and breakcore. His tracks are also known for occasionally being exceptionally long, with durations up to 15 minutes.

Christoph left DHR sometime after his "Seven Up" EP, and is now releasing music on his own label Cross Fade Enter Tainment (CFET), as well as other German labels. Christoph's last release was Scylla & Charybdis, based on the Greek myth of two beautiful women who were cursed to become sea monsters. His latest release is A World Of My Own on Restroom Records.


  • Rise Above This
  • Love Under Will E.P.
  • File Already Exists. Continue (Y/N)?
  • We Declare War
  • Destroy Berlin!
  • If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It
  • Seven Up EP
  • Split (7") With Tocotronic
  • In A Bad Mood
  • Split Series #10 with Kid 606
  • Mean Grey Value
  • Dark Background
  • Scylla & Charybdis
  • A World Of My Own

Other information

  • Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is a fan of Christoph's work, as he named If you're into it.. as one of his favourite albums in an interview for Radio 6. It also noted that Yorke asked Christoph to open for Radiohead in the 2001 tour.


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