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At 7’11” and 674 lbs. he is the tallest and most obese DJ known to earth…

He spends his time popping ADD pills, such as Vyvanse, he also eats an absurd amount of Taco Bell. His favorite meal from TBell consists of a cheesy Ghordita crunch, Chicken Quesadilla, and a Chalupa Supreme with beef.

D.J.M.R.G. was born in Cambridge Mass. and is currently finishing up his education at a school some where in the northeast. His Body Mass Index is inconclusive with the results simply stating “MOOMD.” Doctors didnt know what to do with this outcome because it is incongruous to the methods used to figure out one’s BMI. “MOOMD” turned out to be an acronym for Made Out Of Mountain Dew. Everything clicked upon that discovery. D.J.M.R.G.’s bodily fluids consist purely of Mountain Dew and quote: “medium hot sauce from Taco Bell.” This was the conclusive conclusion determined by the doctor type people that were poking him for about two hours. During this session of poking, right around the 1h 54m mark, D.J.M.R.G.’s mesoderm was penetrated. Consequently it began secreting the latter and the initial of the two fluids, nothing else. His body structure is similar to that of a balloon. The only difference would be the tagmatization that allowed for the modification of region specific appendages, each with their own specialized function.

Bottom line, D.J.M.R.G. makes musical anomalies derived from the complex manifolds of his mind hole. His eye sockets encapsulate his eyes too, just like any other normally functioning human being.

D.J.M.R.G. spends his time away from his music very efficiently. He just lives all day. You know, just straight livin and hes a real logical person. Just spends all his time just chillin and livin.